Sovrin aligns with European Self-Sovereign Identity Consortium (ESSIC) in order to enable a network-of-networks.

June 30, 2021

The Sovrin Foundation has formally endorsed the project of ESSIC – the European Self-Sovereign Identity Consortium.

“We, the Sovrin Foundation align with the given concept and principles of ESSIC and endorse their Intention.
The Sovrin Foundation is the governing authority for the Sovrin Network – a decentralized global public network enabling self-sovereign identity on the internet.
A pioneer in SSI since 2016, the Sovrin Foundation has grown into a global community with a strong European footprint. The Sovrin Ecosystem built around our MainNet counts more than 75 Stewards of which 27 based in Europe and the U.K. The Sovrin Community consists of a network of 10 governing councils with contributors from across the world, guided by a ten-member international Board of Trustees – five members based in Europe and the U.K.
Groundbreaking research and development by Sovrin participants has helped advance the SSI application, examples are white papers on Fintech, Guardianship, IoT, governance and the Principles of SSI. The Sovrin Foundation strongly supports the ESSIC focus on interoperability between SSI initiatives and shall continue to sponsor the growth of SSI through a network of networks.”

Find more information about ESSIC here

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