Sovrin has three networks for self-sovereign identity.

Each network is based on Hyperledger Indy and each is made up of between 4 and 25 nodes which are operated by Sovrin Stewards.  

The Sovrin Foundation acts as a Governance Authority and operates the network as a whole, monitoring and improving performance in support of its ‘Identity for All’ mission.

MainNet (since 2017)​

Production network for scaling live SSI applications & services                                      

StagingNet (since 2018)

Pre-production network for prototyping and demonstrating SSI applications & services

BuilderNet (since 2019)

Developer test network for building SSI applications & services and testing re-production Indy Networks code

Steward Spotlight​

Converging the capabilities of AI, blockchain, and multi-agent systems, works to create a decentralized digital world where autonomous agents perform transactions on their own behalf or on behalf of their owners. uses Sovrin verifiable credentials to establish a stronger layer of trust between interacting agents.