Sovrin has three networks for self-sovereign identity.

Each network is based on Hyperledger Indy and each is made up of between 4 and 25 nodes which are operated by Sovrin Stewards.  BuilderNet is only for internal use by Sovrin Foundation.

The Sovrin Foundation acts as a Governance Authority and operates the network as a whole, monitoring and improving performance in support of its ‘Identity for All’ mission. 


$ 500 6 Months

    For testing, prototyping and demonstrating
    SSI applications & services

  • Valid for 6 months
  • Renewable
  • 90% discount (discount ends per 1 May 2023) on Ledger write fees
  • Subject to periodic reset


$ 5000* Annually

    For scaling live
    SSI applications & services

  • Valid for 1 year
  • Renewable

*In full recognition of its Identity for All mission and to facilitate SSI adoption in hardship domains, upon a well-grounded request the Sovrin Foundation will consider a special 90% discount for a MainNet Endorser DID for an initial phase in individual cases, for e.g. volunteer-driven low-funded non-profits, educational organizations and global south start-ups.