Aalto University


Aalto University is a multidisciplinary community of bold thinkers where science and art meet technology and business.

ABSA Group (Barclays Africa)


The African financial services group that aims to be the pride of the continent, by offering a range of retail, business, corporate and investment, and wealth management solutions and ensuring a positive impact in all the countries where we operate.

Amihan Global Strategies


A leading ASEAN digital transformation company with expertise in Blockchain, AI, Analytics, and Cloud Native Infrastructure.

Anonyome Labs


Anonyome Labs is a leader in providing business and consumer applications to allow users to protect their information online.



Allowing researchers to record an immutable chain of records, from the earliest stages of research for allresearch artifacts and record citations to these artifacts in real-time.

ATB Financial


Leading financial services in Alberta with cutting edge technology like Sovrin.

Attinad Software


A product company helping its partners digitally transform their business through the use of AI, Analytics, Blockchain and Internet of Things.



Am Law 100 firm providing leadership to clients in emerging and transformative technologies.

Best Innovation Group


A technology, innovation, and development leader for the financial industry.


Sao Paolo

Since 1996, the Certisign is a reference in the Digital Identity market in and pioneer Certifying Authority in Latin America, providing identity verification services to several associated professional certifying authorities (accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, notaries) and organizations such as the Brazilian Bar Association and Chambers of Commerce



Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984. Our people, products, and partners help society securely connect and seize tomorrow’s digital opportunity today.

Crypto Valley Association


Building the world’s leading ecosystem for blockchain and other cryptographic technologies and businesses in Switzerland.



Enabling credit unions to enhance their digital strategy by bringing innovative distributed ledger applications to the market in order to lower costs, improve efficiencies, increase speed and provide advanced security.

Danube Tech


Working on technologies in the field of digital identity and personal data, including personal clouds, semantic graphs, and blockchain identity.



Dativa is a data science and data engineering consulting company. Our background is in the media sector where most of our work is focused on making the TV experience more similar to digital. We help our clients use data to make the TV more targetable, more addressable, more accountable, and outcomes better attributed to activity.



A decentralized and distributed high performance NoSQL database backed by a blockchain ledger.

Desert Financial Credit Union


Using Sovrin as one of the oldest and best established credit unions in the Southwest.



A leading provider of scalable security solutions for a connected world.

Digital Bazaar


Creating open and secure payments, identity, and credential for the Web. Spearheaded what is now the W3C standard for JSON-LD.


Den Haag

EBPI is the thought leader in qualified information exchange domain. It is our mission to provide a digital, efficient and safe messaging and application platform for all groups (business, institutions and individuals).

esatus AG


Enabling Information Security for everyone and everywhere with trusted consulting services that have Identity & Access as a focal point.



Building a platform dedicated exclusively to products and services based on Sovrin decentralized identity.



Finicity enables a financial data-sharing ecosystem that is secure, inclusive and innovative.

First Education Credit Union


Using Sovrin to optimize the credit union industry. Installed its first Sovrin sandbox node in mid-2016.

Global Consent


Growing the Web of Trust through a decentralized protocol for sharing personal digital assets between trusted identities.


New York

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) provides computer solutions through the use of advanced information technology. The Company’s solutions include technologies, systems, products, services, software, and financing. IBM offers its products through its global sales and distribution organization, as well as through a variety of third-party distributors and resellers.



Committed to innovation in digital identity and trust services as the EU’s largest trust service provider.



Leading innovation in remote, privacy-respecting biometric identification, authentication, and data collection for health and wellness of at-risk populations.

KYC Chain

Hong Kong

Using distributed ledger technology to allow users to manage their digital identity securely, and businesses and financial institutions to manage customer data in a reliable and easy manner.

lab10 collective


lab10 collective is an Austrian for-profit cooperative involved in research and the realization of projects in the fields of blockchain, self-sovereign identity and related technologies.

OAS Staff Federal Credit Union

Washington D.C.

Providing high quality, affordable financial service as a non-profit credit union.

Perkins Coie


The world’s first legal practice focused on decentralized cryptocurrencies and shared ledger technologies, and the first law firm selected as Founding Steward of the Sovrin Foundation.



Provides A.I. automated reasoning solutions including the Xaltry reputation as a service (RaaS) meta-platform of intelligent algorithms that contextually curate, connect, and complete interactions between entities on open idenitity systems such as Sovrin.

QIY Foundation


Giving people control over their data and facilitating them to do smart things with it.

Regio iT


As an IT service provider, regio iT GmbH is a fair and reliable partner for councils and schools, municipal enterprises, energy suppliers and disposers and non-profit organisations. With its head office in Aachen and a branch in Gütersloh, regio iT offers strategic and project-related IT consultancy, integration, IT infrastructure and full-service in four divisions: IT service and operation, administration and finances, energy and disposal & education and development.

Royal Credit Union


CUNA award winning community credit in the over $250M asset category.



A trust enabler, SICPA provides cutting-edge security inks and technologies to governments and industry clients. These high tech solutions protect banknotes, citizens and consumers through product authentication, traceability, proof of origin and tax reconciliation.



SITA, the communications and IT solution provider to the air transport industry, works with nearly every airline and airport in the world and its border management solutions are used by more than 30 governments.

Spark New Zealand


Spark New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest telecommunications and IT services provider, offering a full suite of services including broadband, mobile, and cloud services, and catering for consumers right through to large enterprises.

Swisscom Blockchain


Swisscom Blockchain is the answer to the market demand in blockchain solutions, advisory services and professional training. We stand for high quality blockchain advisory and delivery and support our clients through the entire project journey.



T-Labs is the research and innovation unit of Deutsche Telekom and runs the Blockchain Group, which aims to experiment, initiate and develop solutions based on distributed ledger technologies.

The City of Osmio


The City of Osmio serves as a certification authority, putting its duly constituted public authority behind its digital identity credentials and other digital certificates.


The Hague

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is an independent research organisation in the Netherlands that focuses on applied science. The TNO Blockchain Lab host nodes of several public blockchains for customer projects.

Truu (ID)


Truu improves the healthcare ecosystem by providing a secure, verifiable digital identity for doctors and healthcare professionals to foster trust, reduce friction, and usher in new dynamic digital capabilities.



TwinPeek creates software solutions so your digital whereabouts and online data ends up in your control and kept private or shared securely.



Protecting vital record systems against permanent loss and fraud with tools that allow legal identities to be digitally built with interoperability, privacy, and trust at core design.



A personal discovery platform empowering users to safely capture their truths and secure deeper relationships.



Provider of strong authentication using single-step multi-factor biometric authentication from a mobile device. The VeridiumID platform provides the ability to capture and securely store biometrics as an identity credential for enterprises, healthcare organizations, financial services, law enforcement, and government agencies.

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