ABSA Group (Barclays Africa)


The African financial services group that aims to be the pride of the continent, by offering a range of retail, business, corporate and investment, and wealth management solutions and ensuring a positive impact in all the countries where we operate.

Anonyome Labs


Anonyome Labs is a leader in providing business and consumer applications to allow users to protect their information online.

ATB Financial


Leading financial services in Alberta with cutting edge technology like Sovrin.



Axuall is a digital network for verifying identity, credentials, and authenticity in real-time to address a multibillion-dollar need to eliminate waste, prevent fraud, manage risk, hire and deploy faster, and meet the demand for next-generation products and services in sectors with accuracy matters.



AyanWorks, a software development and consulting company based in India, has been committed to blockchain technology for the last three years and building enterprise blockchain and decentralized identity solutions for its global customers with a proven track of delivering ‘Best in Class’ blockchain solutions/products, leveraging permissioned and public blockchain platforms.

Best Innovation Group


A technology, innovation, and development leader for the financial industry.



Bloqzone is a Dutch startup building trusted communications solutions based on self-sovereign identity. With a background in the telecoms industry, the spin-off developed a method to ensure privacy by design in a framework for online communications.


Hong Kong

Certizen Limited is the operator of Hong Kong Post e-Cert services, providing full e-Cert services. We combine public key infrastructure (PKI) with blockchain technology to provide comprehensive e-Cert solutions of digital signing, information encryption, and electronic identity.



Condatis, supports organisations in creating seamless user journeys for their customers and employees with Microsoft Azure AD. ​The team consists of over 50 digital identity specialists, including system architects, software developers, security specialists and test engineers, working collaboratively with partners and international clients.


São Paulo

CPQD is a private nonprofit research and development center and an essentially innovative organization that transforms knowledge into wealth for Brazil. It has a unique model of operation in Information and Communication Technologies, transferring and exploring, with excellence, its results.

Danube Tech


Working on technologies in the field of digital identity and personal data, including personal clouds, semantic graphs, and blockchain identity.

Desert Financial Credit Union


Using Sovrin as one of the oldest and best established credit unions in the Southwest.

Deutsche Telekom AG


Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, with some 178 million mobile customers, 28 million fixed-network lines, and 20 million broadband lines. Deutsche Telekom’s Blockchain Group aims to experiment, initiate, and develop solutions based on distributed ledger technologies.



Based in Bengaluru, India, Dhiway is an early-stage startup building a verifiable data exchange framework designed to enable trusted, consent-based digital transactions between everyone and everything using open standards and technologies.


Cape Town

Growing the Web of Trust through self-sovereign decentralized identifiers with verifiable and secure information exchange between trusted peers. Decentralised IDentifiers for Anything, Anywhere.



A leading provider of scalable security solutions for a connected world.

Dyne.org Foundation


Dyne.org is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to open source software development and active in the cryptography and blockchain space. Dyne.org is member of the ISO/TC 307 committee for the standardization of blockchain and technical coordinator of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 flagship project DECODE, that backed the development of Dyne.org’s crypto VM Zenroom.

esatus AG


Enabling Information Security for everyone and everywhere with trusted consulting services that have Identity & Access as a focal point.



Building a platform dedicated exclusively to products and services based on Sovrin decentralized identity.



Fetch.ai is delivering an economic internet where representatives of the component parts of the economy can work friction-free, autonomously, and free of human-interaction to deliver solutions to complex problems.



Finicity enables a financial data-sharing ecosystem that is secure, inclusive and innovative.

ID Crypt Global


ID Crypt Global believes everyone deserves and needs their own digital identity. As such, we are focused on bringing digital identity and related identity based services to the most challenging areas such as financial services and health – bringing trust, security and improved customer experiences to everyone.



Committed to innovation in digital identity and trust services as the EU’s largest trust service provider.



Leading innovation in remote, privacy-respecting biometric identification, authentication, and data collection for health and wellness of at-risk populations.

main incubator


main incubator is the research & development unit of Commerzbank Group and examines future technologies of relevance to financial services and society, while also promoting and developing sustainable solutions, such as Lissi, a cross-industry self-sovereign identity initiative.



MakoLab is an European (Poland) agency providing companies all over the world with a whole range of digital transformation solutions in a variety of industries, focusing on Automotive and FinTech. Dedicating their R&D to innovation in exploring blockchain for identification security solutions.



MITRE’s mission-driven teams are dedicated to solving problems for a safer world. Through our federally funded R&D centers and public-private partnerships, we work across government to tackle challenges to the safety, stability, and well-being of our nation.



NEC Corporation is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world. The NEC Group globally provides “Solutions for Society” that promote the security, safety, efficiency, and fairness of society.

OAS Staff Federal Credit Union

Washington D.C.

Providing high quality, affordable financial service as a non-profit credit union.

One Global

Kuwait City

The Digital Transformation and Innovation Company.

Outlier Ventures


Outlier Ventures is a venture platform that supports the development and growth of emerging technologies. To do this they advise and invest in talented teams and support businesses which create value for an open data economy.

Perkins Coie


The world’s first legal practice focused on decentralized cryptocurrencies and shared ledger technologies, and the first law firm selected as Founding Steward of the Sovrin Foundation.



Provides A.I. automated reasoning solutions including the Xaltry reputation as a service (RaaS) meta-platform of intelligent algorithms that contextually curate, connect, and complete interactions between entities on open idenitity systems such as Sovrin.

Regio iT


As an IT service provider, regio iT GmbH is a fair and reliable partner for councils and schools, municipal enterprises, energy suppliers and disposers and non-profit organisations. With its head office in Aachen and a branch in Gütersloh, regio iT offers strategic and project-related IT consultancy, integration, IT infrastructure and full-service in four divisions: IT service and operation, administration and finances, energy and disposal & education and development.



RIDDLE&CODE is a European Blockchain interface company, that builds hardware and software stacks, bringing trusted identity to objects and people. Together with its tier one clients and partners, RIDDLE&CODE brings greater efficiency and new business models to financial markets, energy distribution, supply chain management, and the Internet of Things.

Royal Credit Union


CUNA award winning community credit in the over $250M asset category.



A trust enabler, SICPA provides cutting-edge security inks and technologies to governments and industry clients. These high tech solutions protect banknotes, citizens and consumers through product authentication, traceability, proof of origin and tax reconciliation.



SITA, the communications and IT solution provider to the air transport industry, works with nearly every airline and airport in the world and its border management solutions are used by more than 30 governments.

Spark New Zealand


Spark New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest telecommunications and IT services provider, offering a full suite of services including broadband, mobile, and cloud services, and catering for consumers right through to large enterprises.

Swisscom Blockchain


Swisscom Blockchain is the answer to the market demand in blockchain solutions, advisory services and professional training. We stand for high quality blockchain advisory and delivery and support our clients through the entire project journey.

The Institute for Internet-Security


The Institute for Internet Security – if(is) is an innovative, independent, scientific facility of the Westfälische Hochschule (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences).


New York

Trinsic partners with innovators around the world to help them easily and rapidly integrate Sovrin into any application. Trinsic’s developer tools, robust APIs, and advisory programs are trusted by industries from rural farming to global banks alike and are available at www.trinsic.id/.

Truu (ID)


Truu improves the healthcare ecosystem by providing a secure, verifiable digital identity for doctors and healthcare professionals to foster trust, reduce friction, and usher in new dynamic digital capabilities.



A personal discovery platform empowering users to safely capture their truths and secure deeper relationships.

Validated ID


Validated ID brings security and ease of use to digital signature and digital identity verification. ViDChain is our self-sovereign identity service based on blockchain for digital identity verification processes that ensures GDPR compliance and improves customer onboarding, AML, and KYC.



Provider of strong authentication using single-step multi-factor biometric authentication from a mobile device. The VeridiumID platform provides the ability to capture and securely store biometrics as an identity credential for enterprises, healthcare organizations, financial services, law enforcement, and government agencies.

Steward Interest