Issue credentials on the Sovrin Network!

Businesses, governments and other organizations with Sovrin-based use cases currently in development may now write to the Sovrin Public Ledger and begin issuing as many self-sovereign identity credentials as they desire. Simply use the webform below to begin the process of becoming a Sovrin Transaction Endorser. The Sovrin Foundation charges a small fee (see table below) for writing to the public ledger but does not charge for the act of issuing a credential– issuing credentials on Sovrin is FREE.

To learn more about how the Sovrin Ledger enables credential issuance and exchange, and what goes on the ledger, check out our library.

Developer test network
for testing pre-production Indy Networks code and building SSI applications & services
Pre-production network
for prototyping and demonstrating SSI applications & services
Production network
for scaling live SSI applications & services
DID Write (for Credential Issuers)Free$1$10
Credential DefinitionFree$2.5$25
Revocation RegistryFree$2$20
Revocation UpdateFree$0.01$0.10
Endorser DIDFree
6 months
not renewable
6 months
not renewable
1 free per Steward
DIDs for Individuals (Peer DIDs)FreeFreeFree
Credential IssuanceFreeFreeFree

*MainNet fees table current as of March 14, 2019 and StagingNet fees as of September 16 2021 are subject to change based on advice from the Sovrin Economic Advisory Council.

See Example Fee Totals Below

Contact Sovrin to become a Transaction Endorser

Transaction endorsers write transactions to the Sovrin MainNet on behalf of transaction authors.

  • Are you ready to go to production? Apply to become a Sovrin MainNet transaction endorser here
  • Are you ready to demonstrate a Proof of Concept?  Register and purchase an Endorser DID for Sovrin StagingNet here.
  • Are you looking for a development testing sandbox? Get a free Endorser DID for Sovrin BuilderNet here.

Wondering what to write?

Public DIDs are needed first and foremost by issuers of credentials. They are stored on the Sovrin Public Ledger so that a verifier who receives proof of any credentials is able to look up the public key of the issuer in order to validate the proof.

Fees Explained

  • A credential issuer may only need to write a few things to the Sovrin Public Ledger to issue millions of credentials. Learn more about What Goes On the Ledger.

Example Fee Totals for MainNet

Issuer using an existing schema, not revoking credentials:

1x DID write @ $10
1x Credential Definition write @ $25
Total fees $35 regardless of the number of customers/connections/users
(1000 users or 100,000,000 users, the fee is $35)

Issuer needing a new schema, and writing an updated revocation accumulator daily:

1x DID write @ $10
1x Schema Write @ $50
1x Credential Definition Write @ $25
Revocation Registry $20
Total $105

Revocation updates for a year:
365 x $0.10 = $36.50 per year

Issuer issues credential to credential holder using the writes listed above: FREE.

Contact for further questions