This library contains Sovrin Foundation created white papers, research, guides, and links to relevant third-party produced documentation.

Sovrin: A Protocol and Token for Self-Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Trust

This is a comprehensive, highly readable 40 page paper describing the complete Sovrin ecosystem, including the problems Sovrin is designed to solve; why it is designed to be a global public utility; how the overall architecture is designed for for resilience, privacy and scalability; the markets it is expected to impact; and the special role of the Sovrin token that will be introduced in 2018.

Sovrin Trust Framework

The main document expressing the business, legal, and technical policies governing Sovrin as a global public utility.
28 Jun 2017

Steward Agreement

The agreement between the Sovrin Foundation and the trusted organizations operating validator nodes on the Sovrin network.
28 Jun 2017

Identity Owner Agreement

This is the inherent agreement between the Sovrin Foundation and all Sovrin identity owners (individuals and organizations).
28 Jun 2017

How Sovrin Works

Illustrated examples.
3 Oct 2016

Getting Started with Sovrin

A Developer Guide by Sovrin Foundation. A technical orientation guide using the Sovrin Command Line Interface.

Inevitable Rise of Self-Sovereign Identity

Why Sovrin represents the solution to identity challenges.
29 Sep 2016

Sovrin: digital identities in the blockchain era

In this paper we describe a practical digital identity project of a global scale, Dmitry Khovratovich and Jason Law


Key terms, explained.
29 Sep 2016