The Sovrin Foundation believes in a world without the burden of centralized, siloed, unsafe, hard to manage digital identity- a place where everyone is free to interact with the same trust that they do in their real lives. This is why we work hard to support the development of a decentralized, open source, self-sovereign identity network that brings control and safety back into the hands of identity holders. Active people willing to lend a hand are essential in this mission. You don’t need to be a developer to help foster progress; Sovrin becomes stronger and can achieve more with every additional pair of hands.

We are urgently seeking volunteers for the following groups:
Governance Framework Working Group
• Global Policy Working Group
• Guardianship Taskforce

Developing a solution together can be exciting and fun. Please, email, tell us about your areas of experience, interest and hobbies – and let’s find out how to make use of them to make self-sovereign identity- a reality!

Volunteer with Sovrin