Self-Sovereign Identity & IoT

Today your devices increasingly affect your safety and the future of your business, but how much control do you really have over them?

The Sovrin Foundation is partnering with the community to develop a new approach that unites self-sovereign identity (SSI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), that preserves privacy and gives you back control.

Sovrin Foundation’s SSI in IoT Working Group published the whitepaper, “Self-Sovereign Identity & IoT”, to address some of the current business and security challenges in IoT.

SSI & IoT Benefits...


Confidently control your devices, create trusted data bridges, protect your privacy and enable a new level of secure user experience.

IT Professionals

Standardize device lifecycle management across vendors, extend robust cryptographic protection to all connected devices and control your network.


Harness the IoT with less risk, create new networked business models, expand automation and promote data privacy compliance.

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SSI can be applied to devices, people, legal entities and digital twins, offering a robust means of identification, authorization and authentication that works across corporate networks, geographic boundaries, device types and vendors.

“Self-Sovereign Identity & IoT” brings these opportunities to life using the stories of Bob, Jamie and Bessie the Cow, highlighting common uses and supply chain functions with IoT. The paper highlights the real-world threats they face as a result of poorly controlled machine-to-person and machine-to-machine communications and shows how SSI can help bring effective governance to these use cases, mitigating cyber risk and promoting compliance as well as increasing revenues and reducing operating costs.

The whitepaper is also a call to action to participate in the Sovrin Foundation and contribute to this critical industry effort in changing privacy and security. To join the SSI in IoT Working Group or the Sovrin community, reach out to