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Position: Community Manager

Full-time, Remote Allowed

The Sovrin Foundation Overview
The Sovrin Foundation is the original, unbiased, nonpartisan supported, nonprofit organization that is bringing together all of the individuals and organizations needed to build a global public utility for self-sovereign identity for all. Creating the internet’s identity layer has never been done before, and in order to be done right, it requires a great amount of coordination between interested individuals and organizations from all around the world. Some of these players include standards bodies, governments, enterprises, developers, NGOs, and regulators.

Role Overview
The Sovrin Foundation is looking for a community manager to guide and support the growth and success of the Sovrin Foundation. This includes both internal and external engagement of the respective communities.

The Sovrin Foundation itself is largely a volunteer organization. The community of volunteers participate in councils, working groups, and task forces to provide governance, guidance and help in promulgating its mission of self-sovereign identity for all. Other members of the community act as stewards who may run a node on one of the Sovrin networks. Other members contribute software and technical help. These internal members of  the community participate in meetings, attend conferences, and write white papers or reports. The community manager will be responsible for supporting the engagement of this internal community by facilitating, and coordinating the contributions made by these volunteers.

The broader Sovrin community includes many individuals and organizations that are building businesses and/or solving real world problems using the concepts of self-sovereign identity. This may include using one of the networks in the Sovrin ecosystem. These external members of the community include not only businesses and individuals but also governments, standards bodies, and other non-profits or foundations. These external members of the community participate by building products or services that leverage self-sovereign identity, or directly contribute funds to help run the Sovrin foundation itself or its networks, or by cooperative contributions to standards or affiliated organizations. The community manager will be responsible for supporting the engagement of this external community by facilitating, and coordinating the contributions made by these entities. This includes fund raising. The community manager will be the external brand ambassador to the Sovrin eco-system and will engage with potential users and supporters to build authentic relationships. The community manager will gauge sentiment around the brand, using social listening tools in order to monitor feedback and engagement. The community manager will work closely with the communications team of volunteers to shape and guide the messaging to and engagement of the Sovrin community at large.

The community manager will also be responsible for overseeing other employees who will provide support to the community management functions of the Sovrin Foundation as it grows.

The primary business model for the Sovrin Foundation is a paid membership program. The community manager will be responsible for promoting the program and overseeing its fundraising activities. From time-to-time there will be opportunities for project based fundraising that may require support from the community manager.

Role Responsibilities
The responsibilities of the Community Manager position will spread across multiple areas. It will require working closely with the executive committee to further the Sovrin Foundation’s mission. These areas include:

  • Evangelize Self-Sovereign Identity for All – through social media and speaking at meetups.

  • Support coordination between councils,  working groups and task forces. As well as identifying areas of need for new or realigned working groups and task forces.

  • Connecting Members through events, conferences, and technical collaboration.

  • Facilitate and drive member engagement both internally and externally

  • Supervise back end tracking of community engagement and memberships including CRM, invoicing, contracts, and accounts.

  • Support financial planning.


  • 4-8 years proven experience in similar roles, focusing on building and maintaining collaborative relationships with external and internal organizations and stakeholders

  • Very strong project management skills

  • Very strong collaboration skills in complex multi-stakeholder scenarios

  • The ability to work collaboratively across functions such as Marketing, Public Relations, Legal, Finance, etc.

  • The ability to communicate clearly in verbal, written, and presentation style formats

  • The ability to work globally


  • Experience working as a brand community manager either non or for profit.

  • Experience working with global, remote teams

  • Experience with complex projects, either as a subject matter expert, a project manager, in the community or otherwise.

  • Direct experience with Open Source Software and communities.

  • Primary language of work is English, other spoken languages would be considered beneficial

This role may require some air travel throughout the year.


  • Base salary will be contingent on qualifications and experience

  • Bonuses based on performance including fund-raising

The Sovrin Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.