The Sovrin Foundation welcomes FinClusive, PrivKey, and RIDDLE&CODE as the newest Stewards of the Sovrin Network

December 10, 2019

Three new organizations support the transformation of identity online.

Provo, UT, Dec. 10, 2019—The Sovrin Foundation, the international nonprofit focused on the advancement of self-sovereign identity (SSI), welcomes FinClusive, PrivKey LLC, and RIDDLE&CODE as the newest Sovrin Stewards. 

Stewards are responsible for operating the nodes that maintain the Sovrin Network—a distributed ledger that allows people and organizations to control their digital identities through SSI technology. The 75+ Sovrin Stewards play a major role in network governance, ensuring that it is independent from control by any one industry, company, enterprise, or nation.

“It is wonderful to see a diversity of companies and organizations support the Sovrin Network as Stewards,” says Heather C. Dahl, Executive & CEO of the Sovrin Foundation. “Our Stewards play an instrumental role in Sovrin’s governance including running the nodes of the network, leading various working groups and task forces, contributing code, and advocating for SSI adoption worldwide. We welcome FinClusive, PrivKey LLC, and RIDDLE&CODE as Stewards and look forward to working with them to provide identity for all.”

FinClusive is a hybrid financial services platform that integrates traditional core banking with blockchain functionality. Its digital banking, routing, and payments platform is accessible to companies and individuals globally, including those excluded by traditional banking. 

FinClusive is an active member of the Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group and is leading the Compliance and Payments Task Force (CPTF) that is developing a governance framework—the “Rulebook”—for digital value exchange, which incorporates the same risk and regulatory safeguards for secure payments as those required of traditional financial institutions.

“It’s critical that financial intermediaries of all types incorporate strategies that meet compliance protection and drive financial inclusion. FinClusive is thrilled to join as a Sovrin Steward and to offer comprehensive risk and compliance management tools to the growing number of technology companies offering financial services access,” says Amit Sharma, Founder & CEO of FinClusive. “As a leader of the Sovrin Foundation’s CPTF, we’ve seen at firsthand the benefits of standardized protocols that incentivize self-governance for the tech-enabled, peer-to-peer, and blockchain-based network transactions. These protocols will support the integrity of the financial system in the digital age.”

PrivKey LLC provides support for solution construction, implementation, and systems integration throughout multiple technology verticals including blockchain identity. As an early adopter of blockchain initiatives, PrivKey looks to enhance its self-sovereign identity solutions through the Sovrin Network.

“At PrivKey LLC we are excited to join the Sovrin Foundation as a Steward for the community and to provide services around an open, standards-based, decentralized identity ecosystem for people, organizations, apps, and devices,” says William Santiago, Founder & CEO of PrivKey LLC. “With a focus on residential communities, PriKey hopes to provide a secure, verifiable digital identity for residents and property community managers to foster trust, reduce costs, and increase security for smart residential communities and homes.”

“Connected smart communities and homes are becoming more of a day-to-day reality, and with all of these smart devices, a huge amount of data is being gathered. Privacy, security, and control should be of prime concern. We at PrivKey believe in the sovereign individual having control of their own data. To keep data safe and secure, it should be secured at the source by encryption controlled by the owners and creators of this data,” says Santiago.

RIDDLE&CODE, Europe’s leading company for blockchain interface solutions, focuses on the intersection of blockchain technology and machine identity. RIDDLE&CODE is giving identity to everyday objects to increase trust, efficiency, and performance of workflows. The company looks to use the Sovrin Network to integrate SSI and decentralized identifiers (DIDs) into its solutions for customers and enterprises across industry sectors.

“We truly believe in digital identities and their sovereignty—not only for humans but also for machines and smart agents. RIDDLE&CODE is excited to join as a Sovrin Steward to actively connect secured identities to the economy and the processes of tomorrow,” says Jürgen Eckel, CIO at RIDDLE&CODE. “As a provider of infrastructure and governance tools for the decentralized economy and processes, we are looking forward to integrate and extend the ideas and primitives of self-governance to take integrity, authenticity, trust, and confidentiality to the next stage in the upcoming years.”

To see the list of all Sovrin Stewards or to receive more information on how to become one, please visit


About the Sovrin Foundation

The Sovrin Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to administer the Governance Framework governing the Sovrin Network, a decentralized global public network enabling self-sovereign identity on the internet. The Sovrin Network is an open source project operated by independent Stewards and uses the power of a distributed ledger to give every person, organization, and thing the ability to own and control their own permanent digital identity.

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