StagingNet Endorser DID

The Sovrin StagingNet is intended for prototyping and demonstrating pre-production SSI applications & services. Please continue by completing the form below to get an Sovrin StagingNet Endorser DID. A Sovrin StagingNet Endorser DID has an up front cost, and writes transactions have a cost, per the table below.       
  • $500 USD for 6 months
  • Not renewable
Are you ready to go to production?  Please use Sovrin MainNet by getting an Endorser DID here. Are you looking for a development testing sandbox? Please use Sovrin BuilderNet by getting an Endorser DID here. Sovrin priceplan
Pre-production network
for testing, prototyping and demonstrating SSI applications & services
Production network
for scaling live SSI applications & services
DID Write (for Credential Issuers)$10$10
Credential Definition$25$25
Revocation Registry$20$20
Revocation Update$0.10$0.10
Endorser DID$500
6 months
1 free per Steward
DIDs for Individuals (Peer DIDs)FreeFree
Credential IssuanceFreeFree

TestNet Endorser DID

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Endorser DID Information

Use the Indy Command Line Interface to generate your Endorser DID from a seed. Once generated, get the DID and VerKey and paste them into the spaces provided below.