Sovrin welcomes Anonyome Labs, Dativa, regio iT, and Unveil.Social as Founding Stewards

December 19, 2018

This month we’re happy to welcome Anonyome Labs, Dativa, regio iT, and Unveil.Social as Sovrin Foundation Founding Stewards. With these new additions, we welcomed 32 new Stewards in 2018. Our Stewards’ demographics are diverse, spanning every industry – banking, blockchain development, education, cyber security, engineering, entertainment, FinTech, government, healthcare, legal and technology – and nearly every continent.

Sovrin Stewards are an integral community for the Sovrin Foundation. These organizations join as Stewards with a commitment to help the widespread adoption of self-sovereign identity (SSI) by building upon the Sovrin Network. Stewards dedicate their time and expertise to operate validator nodes that maintain the Sovrin Network while also proposing critical changes to the ledger-specific portion of the Network’s code. Stewards demonstrate the collaborative and innovative nature of the open source community within the Sovrin Foundation.

The newest Founding Stewards span digital data experts to platform innovators who share the common goal of providing SSI-based products and services that better their customers lives.

Anonyome Labs believes privacy is a human right and develops tools that give users more safety and freedom in the digital world. The company aims to put identity holders back in control over their private information. Anonyome Labs product suite includes applications tailored to make online and digital transactions more secure, private and protected. They’re the makers of the Sudo platform which is a one-of-a-kind suite of turnkey privacy APIs and SDKs. To see their platform in action, check out MySudo in the App Store. MySudo allows identity holders to create, manage and protect digital identities to be used across online activities such as web browsing, shopping, selling and socializing.

Dativa is a global consulting firm that provides data consulting and engineering services to companies such as data generators, data-centric service providers, data brokers, and media buyers/sellers. The company also maintains a suite of open source tools for data processing as well as a paid API for data validation, cleansing and anonymization. Dativa was named a top 25 Amazon Cloud Solutions Provider by CIO Magazine in 2018.

regio iT is a German IT service provider dedicated to building blockchain-based services for public sector and energy utility companies. The company offers a comprehensive suite of IT products and services including IaaS, SaaS, SAP solutions, consulting, and training. By joining the Sovrin Network, regio iT aims to expand upon their expertise by developing decentralized identity management software solutions.

Unveil.Social is a social benefit corporation that aims to build a digital, social platform to help customers create meaningful connections while giving users trusted control over their data and privacy in the process. The Unveil.Social platform is expected for release in spring of 2019. The company believe self-sovereign identity is essential to realizing its mission: to empower everyday people with a secure network that is social and relationship based. The Unveil.Social platform will utilize the Sovrin Network.

You can read more in the announcement.

SSI is quickly becoming a global standard to solve internet identity problems. Stewards play a critical role ensuring the Sovrin Network is a well maintained, secure and foundational solution for digital identity management solutions.

Participation in Sovrin is open to all. Organizations interested in becoming a Sovrin Steward can contact us here: For those eager to contribute technically, getting started with Sovrin is easy.

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