Sovrin contributes to Hyperledger Ursa: A win for cryptography, security, and interoperability

December 12, 2018

Hyperledger recently announced the release of an exciting new project called Ursa. Ursa enables all Hyperledger projects, like Fabric and Sawtooth, to use existing, trusted cryptographic libraries as well as implement new cryptographic libraries with greater ease and security. The addition of this new project marks a significant step forward for cryptography security and interoperability across Hyperledger projects, which includes Hyperledger Indy, the code used by the Sovrin Network. The Sovrin Foundation contributed the initial source code for Hyperledger Indy to the Hyperledger Project in 2017.

Ursa is a library for cryptography and the result of a collaborative effort from teams at ACM, Bitwise, DFINITY, Evernym, Fujitsu, Intel, the Linux Foundation, the Sovrin Foundation, and State Street. Duplication among blockchain project features heightens security risks. Ursa, however, gathers up crypto implementations across projects and compiles them into a single metalibrary, creating a central repository for crypto code. This way, projects can select sources of code from Ursa, instead of the original source, decreasing duplication security risks and boosting interoperability among projects.

The Sovrin Foundation is very proud to have contributed to Hyperledger Ursa and help advance security and interoperability efforts across cryptography projects. To learn more about Hyperledger Ursa, visit Hyperledger.

Hyperledger Indy supports independent identity on distributed ledgers and provides tools, libraries and reusable components needed to create trustworthy interactions and a verifiable identity on the internet. To learn more, visit

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

*Edit: An earlier version failed to mention the contributions from self-sovereign identity pioneer Evernym.

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