Evernym accelerator program: A global community building the future of identity with Sovrin

December 3, 2018


Last month, self-sovereign identity (SSI) pioneer, Evernym, launched an Accelerator Program to encourage the widespread adoption of SSI. The Accelerator Program provides a collaborative forum for organizations to learn the technical, business and policy-related implications for SSI so that they can deploy decentralized identity solutions as quickly as possible. Participants also gain direct access to industry experts who can help troubleshoot technical considerations and build proofs-of-concepts that solve tangible business challenges.

The Accelerator Program kicked off with 15 members who desire a fast-track learning experience about the Sovrin Network and SSI as well as a collaborative forum for experimentation and implementation of digital identity solutions. Founding organizations span financial institutions, NGOs, IT leaders and blockchain technology innovators including ATB Financial, IAG, Irish Life, the International Federation of Red Cross, Spark New Zealand, and Truu. The breadth of industries represented by members illustrates the broad need and use cases for a digital identity solution like Sovrin.

Traditional digital identity models have resulted in reduced privacy for identity holders, increased data breaches, and an overall cumbersome user experience for individuals and organizations alike. Sovrin was created to help reduce the friction created by online identity systems by providing verified, trusted identities that puts the user back in control over their personal information. It revolutionizes the way business and individuals interact with one another by creating a two-way exchange of information. With Sovrin, SSI becomes a global public utility that allows identity holders to have a presence in the online world that mirrors their presence in the offline world.

The Accelerator Program aims to inform and educate organizations who are eager to deploy SSI solutions like Sovrin that will transform their business and ultimately their customers’ experience. For organizations interested in joining, visit: https://www.evernym.com/accelerator/.

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