Welcome new Stewards, supporting Sovrin as an identity metasystem

June 24, 2019

The Sovrin Foundation continues to be thrilled by the number and variety of organizations recognizing the pivotal role of the Sovrin Network on the quickly-evolving world of digital identity. Referring to Kim Cameron’s Laws of Identity, Sovrin Chairman Phil Windley calls the Sovrin Network an identity metasystem—a trustworthy, underlying infrastructure upon which people can build any kind of identity system. 

Sovrin, as an identity metasystem, offers a consistent user experience, so that no matter who you’re interacting with, you have the same convenient means to connect, recognize, and trust them,” says Windley; “and yet, it gives everyone the freedom they need to conduct their business as they see fit.

Organizations around the world are recognizing the boundless potential of what an identity metasystem, like Sovrin, can do to improve the current state of digital identity. And they are doing so by joining as Stewards of the Sovrin Network. This month, we are pleased to announce CPQD, MITRE, and Spaceman ID as the newest Stewards.

CPQD is a Brazilian nonprofit with over 40 years of experience building information and communication technology solutions for both Brazil and abroad. As active participants in the development of Brazil’s blockchain ecosystem, CPQD looks to use the Sovrin Network to build and operate applications and strengthen the SSI presence in Brazil.

“Becoming a Steward of the Sovrin Network is in line with our commitment to foster the development of the blockchain ecosystem,” says Alberto Paradisi, R&D Vice President at CPQD. “It will place us among the leaders in innovation in this area and will help to create and disseminate a new identity concept based in security, privacy, and user control over personal information.”

MITRE is a not-for-profit corporation working to solve some of the nation’s biggest challenges in cybersecurity, healthcare, aviation, and defense through public-private partnerships, as well as the operation of federally funded R&D centers. MITRE will be on the forefront of self-sovereign identity by becoming a Steward.    

“Authentication of digital identity affects everyone, including our government sponsors of cyber research,” says Lori M. Scherer, Vice President of MITRE’s intelligence portfolio. “We are pleased to join Sovrin and the network of Stewards to facilitate using blockchain technology upon which a universal metasystem can be built.”

Spaceman ID is creating a self-sovereign identity management solution that will allow the end user to securely control what personal information is shared and with whom. The company also focuses on developer evangelism and looks forward to educating its clients and others about Sovrin and self-sovereign identity.

“Spaceman ID is excited to launch to the frontier of digital identity by contributing to the Sovrin Network,” says Dev Bharel, CEO of Spaceman ID. “With our peers in the community, we hope to contribute the tools to enable everybody to manage and handle their own information, turning your normally static digital credentials into dynamic passports to the new decentralized web.”

“We hope to use our status as a Sovrin Steward to encourage credential issuers and verifiers in our network to work on adopting self-sovereign identity standards and educating their users on the benefits of maintaining control over their data,” says Bharel.


Sovrin Foundation’s network of Sovrin Stewards continues to grow. To see our full list of Stewards, visit https://sovrin.org/stewards/.

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