Control Your Digital Identity

Personally manage your digital identifications online with the Sovrin Network, a global public utility for self-sovereign identity

Control Your Digital Identity

Personally manage your digital IDs online with
the Sovrin Network – an open source project creating
global public utility for self-sovereign identity

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The Sovrin Solution

It’s time to evolve the current system of siloed identities, endless passwords, and insecure databases. The time is here for the frictionless, secure identity verification of self-sovereign identity.

The Sovrin Network is the new standard for digital identity – designed to bring the trust, personal control, and ease-of-use of analog IDs – like driver’s licenses and ID cards – to the Internet.

We’ve designed Sovrin as a metasystem for any application to use, giving people, organizations, and things the freedom to prove things about themselves using trustworthy, verifiable digital credentials.

“Self-sovereign” means the individual identity holder controls their credentials, using them whenever and however they please, without being forced to request permission of an intermediary.

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Marketplace Solution

The current system of identity on the internet is an untrustworthy, dangerous system of honeypots and siloed data creating massive friction for the average customer. The Sovrin Network is a secure and agile metasystem enabling people, organizations or IoT devices to prove things about themselves to anyone or anything, peer-to-peer, using data that the other party can automatically cryptographically verify as being true.

FinTech Use Case

Breakthrough Technology

Using the latest identity technology standards called Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), the Sovrin Network allows for digital credentials to be privately issued, controlled, managed, and shared using a security standard called Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs). The growth of the Sovrin Network partly depends on contributions from an active and supportive open source development community.

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Open Source Project

The Sovrin Foundation is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit entity that provides the business, legal, and technical support for the Sovrin Network, an open source project. Charged with administering the publicly created Governance Framework for the Sovrin Network, the Foundation is committed to transparency and neutrality.

Government Use Case

Identity For All

Integral to the mission of the Sovrin Foundation, is to ensure everyone — regardless of circumstance — has access to the Sovrin Network. The Sovrin Foundation’s I4A council partners with NGOs, civil society organizations, and other groups promoting more inclusive identification systems to help bring identity network technology to populations who may not otherwise be served.

NGO Use Case

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