Fourth pillar of an SSI network: SSI advocacy

February 17, 2020

Note: In celebration of Sovrin Foundation’s new membership program, the Foundation is writing a series of blogs that highlight the core activities it provides as a nonprofit which Sovrin Chairman Phil Windley refers to as the “Four Pillars of an SSI Network”. Much of the material used in this blog post was originally published on Phil’s blog Technometria

“The fourth key function of the Sovrin Foundation is evangelizing self-sovereign identity (SSI) and bringing people and organizations together to spur adoption. The Foundation achieves this using a three-pronged approach.

First, we focus on building awareness of and affinity for self-sovereign identity. Sovrin Foundation is a nonprofit, open-source project formed to advance the development and adoption of tools, products, and services that are aligned with the Sovrin Governance Framework. We believe having a trusted leader in decentralized identity space sets the Sovrin ecosystem apart from other SSI community efforts.

As many organizations actively contribute and participate in the Sovrin ecosystem, we also channel marketing efforts around the individual projects and their own respective value propositions, bringing awareness to specific features and communities.

Finally, Sovrin Foundation works to highlight, promote, and bring awareness to individual use cases and what they are providing their customers. Our aim is to connect all parts of this new evolving ecosystem to grow the adoption and widespread use of self-sovereign identity and the Sovrin Network.

Our efforts include:

Sovrin Foundation Members’ contributions provide the needed financial support the Foundation needs to continue to evangelize SSI and the Sovrin Network around the world. We welcome you and your organization to join us in this important work by becoming a Sovrin Foundation Member. Until February 29, 2020, any organization that wishes to support the Sovrin Foundation by becoming a Donor, and therefore a Sovrin Foundation Member, will receive a 10% discount. To take advantage of this discount, fill out the interest form at




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