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January 28, 2020

Announcing Sovrin Foundation’s new membership program for champions of data protection and privacy.

Note: The Sovrin Foundation has a new membership program for individuals and organizations that wish to become involved with and support the mission of the Sovrin Foundation. To celebrate the start of this initiative, the Foundation will publish a series of blog posts in the coming weeks that will highlight its core nonprofit functions and encourage supporters to become a Sovrin Foundation member. Sovrin Foundation membership prices (for Donors) will be discounted by 10% until February 29, 2020. Visit our website for more information, and become a member today.

Who we are

The Sovrin Foundation is an international nonprofit inspired by its vision to provide Identity for All. Identity for All means that every person and organization around the world should have access to a digital identity that they, and they alone, control. It should be a digital identity that is permanent, secure, and privacy-enhancing– this is self-sovereign identity (SSI).

To achieve that vision, the Foundation builds, administers, and promotes the world’s first SSI network—the Sovrin Network. The Sovrin Network provides the layer of trust that the internet has been missing since its start.

“Self-sovereign identity’s power comes from its protean ability to solve fundamental—and increasingly debilitating—identity and data management problems for the consumer, the citizen, businesses, and governments,” said Sovrin Foundation Executive Director & CEO Heather C. Dahl. “Its prospective use cases and potential efficiencies are vast. It makes the threat of data regulation go away, and it addresses the growing fears around the misuse of personal information for nefarious purposes. Self-sovereign identity’s transformational power is that it creates trust online where trust is being worn away or lost. Building and rebuilding trust online is our fundamental goal.”

Our nonprofit work

The Sovrin Foundation’s nonprofit work focuses on four core areas:

How to become a Sovrin Foundation member

The members of the Sovrin Foundation are made up of individuals and organizations that believe in, support, and contribute to the Foundation’s efforts. There are currently more than 400 members around the world. Sovrin Foundation members include:

Sovrin Foundation members receive marketing, community, and educational benefits for their contribution. To receive more information on how to become a Sovrin Foundation member, please visit

The Foundation needs your support

The Sovrin Network fundamentally changes the way that identity works online, so it is secure, privacy-preserving, and controlled by the individual. We are calling upon all individuals and organizations that care about how data is controlled and shared to become a member of the Sovrin Foundation.

In 2019, the total cost to support the Foundation’s mission was $3.9 million. As the Sovrin Network’s influence and community grows in 2020, the Foundation will need to receive enough financial donations to match that growth. Our Donors provide the financial sustenance needed to fulfill our mission. Until February 29, 2020, all organizations will receive a 10% discount on the fee to become a Donor.

We cannot fulfill our mission without you. Become a Donor of the Sovrin Foundation today, and join us in our vision to provide Identity for All. 

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