Board Of Trustees Posts

December 18, 2022

Announcement: enforcement of accountability requirements on the Sovrin Networks by 1 February 2023

The Board of Trustees performs an annual review of the technical, economic and legal policies in order to secure the sustainability and availability of the Sovrin Utility.  Advice is provided by the Sovrin Finance Committee, the  Technical Governance Board, the Sovrin Steward Council, the Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group and is approved by the Board of […]

March 16, 2020

Next Steps for the Sovrin Foundation

To the Sovrin community and the world that depends on it— A search for “self-sovereign identity” brings close to 200,000 results.  At the top of those results, and prominent within the rest, is the Sovrin Foundation, which has led the SSI movement from the start. The Sovrin Network, built and maintained as a decentralized utility, […]