Use case spotlight: Collaboration and interoperability on Sovrin

October 5, 2018

One of the greatest aspects of open source technology is the way it unites companies and organizations across the globe to collaborate and help solve shared problems. Sovrin is thrilled to see a recent example of such a collaboration called Job-Creds. This project was led by Sovrin Stewards ATB Financial, Evernym, and IBM and aims to tackle password-based authentication problems by using the Sovrin Network, a decentralized identity solution.

The focus of this first phase of Job-Creds is on combining verifiable credentials with the Sovrin Network to “eliminate the rigidness of passwords, mitigate authentication and privacy risks, and also reduce costly call center password reset expenses.” Job-Creds is a powerful example of how a healthy open source community can stimulate collaborations between technology leaders to identify a business challenge and find solution.

“The Sovrin Network is designed to support interoperable, secure, and private identity management solutions,” Sovrin Foundation Executive Director Heather Dahl explained. “As a global public identity utility for identity, everyone can use and build on the Sovrin Network—the only limit on innovation is imagination. We are pleased to see to see an outstanding group of forward-thinking enterprises come together to research and develop a secure alternative to password-based authentication.”

We’re proud to have partners like ATB Financial, Evernym, and IBM creating proof-of-concepts that help advance self-sovereign identity and encourage other early adopters.

You can learn more about JobCred in a blog written by IBM’s CTO for Trusted Identity, Dan Gisolfi.


Photo by Joey Kyber on Unsplash

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