Sovrin Stewards: Helping create self-sovereign identity for all

October 1, 2018

The Sovrin Foundation’s mission is to provide people and organizations with access to self-sovereign digital identity, and it does this by building, administering, and promoting a global, decentralized, public identity utility called the Sovrin Network. One group that is central to Sovrin’s success is the Sovrin Stewards.  

Stewards form a crucial community within the Sovrin ecosystem. They are trusted organizations that have volunteered time and resources to operate the validator nodes that maintain the Sovrin Network. To become a Steward, among other things, an organization or company must agree to abide by the principles and requirements in the Sovrin Trust Framework.

While they operate the nodes that run the Network, Stewards may also be asked by the Foundation to vote on any proposed changes to the ledger-specific portions of the Sovrin open source code. In doing this, the Stewards help to provide a gate keeping function to major changes of the Network and Indy code base.

The Foundation has been thrilled to welcome more than 40 organizations as Sovrin Stewards in the past two years. These organizations show a commitment to advancing the Sovrin Network and are working toward a future where self-sovereign identity is truly available to all. You can see the full list of current Stewards here:

We hope to welcome more participants into the Sovrin ecosystem in the coming months. As Sovrin Chairman Phil Windley recently wrote: “Participation in Sovrin is open to all. The Sovrin Network is a global public utility that we all own, collectively, just like we all own the Internet. The public and open nature of Sovrin supports an unprecedented level of autonomy, privacy, security, and control by the people and organizations using Sovrin.”

For those organizations who are interested in becoming a steward of the Sovrin Network, you can learn more here:

For those eager to contribute technically, getting started with Sovrin is easy.

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