Next Steps for the Sovrin Foundation

March 17, 2020

To the Sovrin community and the world that depends on it—

A search for “self-sovereign identity” brings close to 200,000 results.  At the top of those results, and prominent within the rest, is the Sovrin Foundation, which has led the SSI movement from the start.

The Sovrin Network, built and maintained as a decentralized utility, is operated by the collection of Sovrin Stewards. Each contributes a portion of the ledger’s combined processing power to a large and growing ecosystem of developers, trustees, organizations, working groups, committees, users, and more—all using a single open source code base and governance framework. The community is strong, the Sovrin Network is in use, and SSI is a snowball starting to roll downhill, rather than a rock we’re all pushing uphill. 

When we started Sovrin, we were oriented toward building a single network that would demonstrate the power of SSI to the world. Three years later, many identity networks are being stood up by communities experimenting with different SSI models. As the leading name in SSI, with the strongest form of network governance, we have an opportunity to extend our influence to this decentralized world of many SSI networks, to ensure that they all interoperate with each other. This is our mission now.

This mission requires a change in how we function as an organization. The previous funding model for the Foundation is no longer viable in the current environment, so the Sovrin community is coming together to develop a new model. Community members, including 60+ Sovrin Stewards, are demonstrating real commitment. We’re confident that the changes we’re making will result in a stronger Foundation and serve the Network well.

Over the next month, you will receive a series of communications from us, articulating our evolved view of the Sovrin Network, the Foundation role, and our vision for the future. We look forward to your input and support along the way. 

Meanwhile, the Sovrin Network—maintained by many Stewards and their employees—remains healthy and will continue supporting the hundreds of developers and companies that depend upon it. 

Watch our website, our forum, and our Twitter feed for more.

—Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees

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