Networks Synergy supports global identity network by joining the Sovrin Foundation as a Sovrin Steward

February 26, 2020

The first Steward from Kazakhstan, shows the growing global reach of the world’s largest decentralized identity network

Provo, UT, Feb. 26, 2020—The Sovrin Foundation, an international nonprofit providing secure and privacy-enhancing digital identity for all, is pleased to announce Networks Synergy as the newest Steward of the Sovrin Network. 

Based in Kazakhstan, Networks Synergy is a leading research group working in the fields of IT and electrophysics. The company’s blockchain based automated system provides cargo transportation solutions to the largest railway companies in the world.

“Networks Synergy’s team is excited to join the Sovrin Stewardship community as a new member,” says Asan Dosaev, CEO of Networks Synergy. “Our company is focused on creating synergistic effects by sharing our experience, our ideas, and our solutions within the community of companies like us who are building a trustworthy system of identity management and beyond. We believe that innovation starts with sharing.”

As the first Steward in Kazakhstan, Networks Synergy is working to drive adoption of the Sovrin Network in the country and region. These efforts include implementing a Sovrin based solution involving the logistical process of cargo transportation.

“It is amazing to see the growth of the Sovrin Network over the past few years,” says Heather C. Dahl, Executive Director & CEO of the Sovrin Foundation. “We are proud to say that we now have a Sovrin node hosted in Kazakhstan, and we welcome Networks Synergy into the Sovrin community.”

Networks Synergy joins more than 80 organizations around the world that commit computing power and resources to the Sovrin Network. To see the complete list of Sovrin Stewards and the rest of the Sovrin Foundation members, please visit


About the Sovrin Foundation

The Sovrin Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to administer the Governance Framework governing the Sovrin Network, a decentralized global public network enabling self-sovereign identity on the internet. The Sovrin Foundation is an independent organization that is responsible for ensuring the Sovrin identity system is public and globally accessible.

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