Step 1: Get a Wallet

There are multiple vendors who are active in the open source community and making digital wallets for you to hold your verifiable digital credentials. After an extensive review process, we’ve provided a few options here to get started. Some sort of legal disclaimer saying we aren’t responsible for them or what they do but that we are listing them as a courtesy.

Select a Wallet

Step 2: Get a credential

Verifiable digital credentials are the very heart of the Sovrin Network. Get your first credential from Sovrin! There is some sort of process that will happen. This credential will prove, verifiably, that you received this credential from the Sovrin Foundation.

Get a Credential

Step 3: Get Started

The Sovrin Network is an open source community. The contributors and maintainers work together to make the functionality and tools that make the network. If you are interested in issuing your own credentials, rooting public information on the Sovrin Public Ledger or becoming part of this thriving ecosystem, contact us today and we’ll help point you in the right direction.

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