Four technology trailblazers become Stewards of the Sovrin Network

May 28, 2019

The Sovrin Foundation is excited to announce the addition of four new organizations to its global network of Sovrin Stewards. AyanWorks,, One Global, and Outlier Ventures are all pioneering promising, emerging technologies in order to transform digital identity.

AyanWorks is a services and consulting organization focused on blockchain technology and has built blockchain solutions and products for its global customers on Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Hyperledger Indy platforms. Recognized as one of the “20 Most Promising Blockchain Solution Providers” by CIOReviewIndia in 2018, AyanWorks hopes to use the Sovrin Network to build its self-sovereign identity solutions.

“It is very exciting to become a Sovrin Steward, and it reflects our commitment, seriousness, and strategy to building and delivering world class decentralized identity solutions to our global customers,” said Ajay Jadhav, CTO of AyanWorks. “With our Sovrin node in India, it will help us in our mission to bring a trusted, decentralized, global identity platform in the mainstream for end-users and enterprises in the Indian sub-continent and in building scalable, trustworthy, and robust digital identity solutions.”, an AI and digital economics company, focuses on converging blockchain, AI, and multi-agent systems to build a decentralized digital word. uses the Sovrin Network to provide its autonomous agents with self-sovereign identities, so the agents are able to complete transactions in a trusted, secure, and decentralized environment.

“We’re incredibly excited to be a Sovrin Steward,” said Toby Simpson, CTO of “As a trusted operator of a node on the Sovrin Network, we have the opportunity to further understand and integrate machine identity into As this technology develops, autonomous agents will be able to interact more and more with each other in a demonstrably trustworthy environment to deliver the economic internet of the future. Both businesses and consumers will benefit from the things in the world being able to prove key aspects about themselves.”

One Global (Og), headquartered in Kuwait, is the first Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region Sovrin Steward. Og is specialized in digital transformation and innovation services across financial and banking, healthcare, travel and tourism, and content and entertainment vertical markets. One Global is innovating its current digital identity platform, Og OneIn, to enable “self-sovereign identity-for-all” services.

“One Global is proud to be part of the Sovrin Network to fulfil its mission in digital identity inclusion,” said Engineer Mohamed Sh. Al-Rashidi, the Founder and Executive Chairman of One Global.

Outlier Ventures advises and supports the development of technologies to form a new data economy, which has meant it has been an active player in the evolution of the internet. The organization has contributed greatly to the Sovrin Network and hopes to continue to do so by attracting new developers, projects, and users to the network. ANVIL, an app in Outlier Ventures’ Convergence Stack, bridges the gap between Sovrin’s verifiable credentials and’s autonomous agents.

“We’re really excited to be part of the growing collection of Sovrin Stewards,” said Aron van Ammers, CTO & Founding Partner of Outlier Ventures. “We’ve been working with them since 2017 when we saw their work on digital identity as the fundamental building block needed for anything meaningful to happen in an increasingly decentralized web. By becoming a Sovrin Steward, Outlier Ventures will continue to champion self-sovereign identity, helping solve the challenge in a scalable way to create a more equitable, open data economy.”

“The Sovrin community welcomes AyanWorks,, One Global, and Outlier Ventures as the network’s newest Stewards,” said Heather Dahl, Executive Director & CEO of the Sovrin Foundation. “We look forward to learning and benefiting from their technical knowledge and expertise as we work together to provide self-sovereign identity for all.”


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