Balance Sheets As of January 31, 2020 and December 31, 2019

These summary financial statements have been prepared by Sovrin Foundation management and contain all adjustments considered necessary to report financial position and results of operations for the periods indicated. However they do not include all disclosures required by generally accepted accounting principles and are not intended for uses that require such disclosures. 


  • Deferred Alliance Contributions represent the unamortized portion of the contribution.
  • Contributions are generally amortized over a 1 year period. 
  • The note payable is due November 2024 and bears interest at 5%.
  • Note is collateralized by tokens.

Statement of Support and Expense by Class

Month Ended January 31, 2020 with Year To Date Total

Note: Alliance Contributions are amortized to income over the membership period (generally one year).