With Sovrin Membership, you have access to benefits and services designed for dedicated Sovrin stakeholders. From our dedication to self-sovereign identity (SSI) to Identity for All, we are here to help your business participate in the internet's secure, privacy-respecting identity layer. Sovrin provides a new digital verification standard for the world wide web.


SSI Champion
Ambassadors have the opportunity to participate in and lead digital identity conversation at all Sovrin events. An Ambassador not only helps to create the future of SSI, but earns a reputation as a thought leader and trusted brand name within SSI circles. Benefits include Sovrin MainNet writes and access to special events and project involvement.
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SSI Business Champion
Endorsers are the business network builders who support companies building their businesses in SSI space.   As an endorser you’ll have access to all Sovrin events, and an option of 120 free to unlimited e MainNet writes. The Endorser membership is a favourite for its flexibility and opportunity for business leaders to build their business on the Sovrin network.


SSI Utility

Stewards are pillars of the Sovrin network as they are operating and maintaining nodes that maintain the Sovrin ledger . They earn a seat at Steward Council. To learn more about the Sovrin Stewards ongoing commitments please review our membership FAQs.


SSI Growth Engine

The Beacon membership is for your business to participate from a prominent position to become fully immersive within the Sovrin Foundation. As a Beacon you’ll have the recognition as part of the growing SSI community but also access to running for an elected Roundtable seat. To learn more about the Sovrin membership roundtable please visit the membership FAQs. 

Individual Memberships


All Ninja memberships are individual opportunities within Sovrin technical boards, working groups, and special projects contributors. Become a skilled Sovrin contributor by committing 120 hours/ year and help grow the SSI ecosystem with our acknowledgement on LinkedIn, speaking opportunities, and your own verifiable credentials endorsed by Sovrin.


Share the same thoughts and beliefs as many other do as a Sovrin member. Belonging to the Sovrin community allows you to utilize brand association, attend events, and access to advisory sessions from SSI experts and mentors.