Advance the Mission of Identity for All as a Trustee of the World’s Leading SSI Community

July 17, 2020

Just a few weeks ago, a second generation of Trustees took their seats on Sovrin Foundation’s Board. At that time, five individuals were elected to represent the growing Sovrin community. The Foundation is now looking to expand the Board by electing a few more Trustees. 

Since the Board of Trustees represents identity holders around the world, the Sovrin Foundation is committed to diversity in membership. The Foundation encourages applications from individuals who bring diversity in perspective, background, and experience to the community. Volunteers need to be passionate about self-sovereign identity (SSI) and willing to dedicate their expertise, resources, and passion to the cause. 

“One key goal of extending the Board of Trustees is to structurally embed diversity in the Foundation, accounting for particular interests of diverse stakeholder groups,” said Sam Smith, Chairman of the Board. “We strive for a mix of SSI community people from various backgrounds and locations as well as well-networked individuals from, for example, identity, open source, industry, and philanthropic communities who identify themselves with Sovrin’s values and Identity for All mission.” 

The Opportunity

The Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees have a wide set of skills and perspectives as a group. As individuals, they have the passion to be volunteer leaders in a world where community-led governance will make a big difference for identity holders worldwide. Board members have the opportunity to lead the Foundation’s strategy in light of its vision, mission, and objectives, ultimately having direct influence on the world’s leading SSI community. 

Benefits of becoming a Trustee include:

  1. Lead the thought and action in the advancement and adoption of self-sovereign identity and the Sovrin Network
  2. Be considered a champion of the Identity for All mission by enabling access to a permanent, digital identity for all
  3. Protect individual privacy and freedom by promoting a self-sovereign identity infrastructure asserting the right of the individual to claim and use or deny any administrative identifiers assigned to them by any legal, social or cultural entity, both formal and informal
  4. Associate and work with digital identity leaders from around the world

Duties and Responsibilities

The estimated time commitment to serve on the Board is a minimum of two hours per week. Below is a list of some of the duties and responsibilities of a Trustee:

  1. Attend official meetings of the Board
  2. Understand the impact of and sign transactions on the Sovrin ledger in compliance with the Sovrin Governance Framework and By-Laws on the Sovrin ledger as a Trustee in compliance with approved policy
  3. Serve on at least one council, committee, or working group
  4. Devote sufficient time to study and understand the issues before the Board so as to render honest, clear, and informed judgment on them
  5. Serve as an advocate for the Foundation’s mission and vision, promoting the work of the Foundation in public and private
  6. Aid Foundation executive staff with fundraising
  7. Recruit members of councils, committees, and working groups
  8. Understand and comply with legal and regulatory issues that could affect them and the Foundation (e.g. Conflict of Interest, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)

How to Apply

To be considered for a Board member position, you must submit a brief application. Please follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Open the applicant slides by clicking on this link
  2. Download your own copy of the applicant slides
  3. Fill out the two slides
  4. Send a PDF version of the completed slides to with the words Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees written in the email subject line

Within a couple of days of submitting your application, you should receive an email response from the Foundation with further instructions. The application window will be open for the next 8 weeks.

For any additional information or if you would like to make an applicant recommendation, please reach out to

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