Trust Framework

The Sovrin Trust Framework is the legal foundation of the Sovrin Network as a global public utility for self-sovereign identity. It is developed by the Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group, currently chaired by Sovrin trustee Drummond Reed, and each new version is approved by the Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees to become the official set of governance documents for the operation of the Sovrin ledger.

The first version is called the Provisional Trust Framework (PTF) because it will govern the first stage of the Sovrin Network, called the Provisional Network. During this stage the network is live and transactions on the ledger are permanent, but it is still undergoing hardening and scalability testing before it reaches the general availability stage. At that point the next version, the General Availability Trust Framework (GATF) will take effect. Work on the GATF is currently underway—please contact us if you would like to participate in this work.

PDF versions of the three documents in the PTF can be found here:




Public input and comment is always welcome. Please feel free to make comments or suggestions directly in the live Google docs at the links below (all available in this Google folder):

  1. Sovrin Trust Framework (live Google doc version)
  2. Sovrin Identity Owner Agreement (live Google doc version)
  3. Sovrin Steward Agreement (live Google doc version)