Ensuring the future of self-sovereign identity requires a strong community. The Sovrin Alliance brings together our vibrant community of developers, enterprises, business and government leaders, NGOs, Sovrin Foundation staff, and volunteers.

The Sovrin Foundation unites all these groups and works to serve the needs of identity holders everywhere. It is the Sovrin Alliance that supports the work of this community of visionaries. The network we build together and the solutions we engineer together will transform the world.

You are invited to join the most widely recognized, vendor-agnostic international non profit for advancement of self-sovereign identity, supporting the largest community of SSI developers and projects in the world.

With your support the Sovrin Foundation can continue...

  • Creating robust education and training initiatives to equip developers to work with this growing open source technology
  • Uniting SSI developers, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and advocates to collaborate worldwide
  • Launching an Alliance Developer Exchange dedicated to building SSI solutions
  • Leading the effort to promote interoperability among all platforms and blockchains
  • Establishing a learning network for the SSI community
  • Offering targeted SSI education and training for executives & business development professionals
  • Spearheading a global marketing campaigns elevating the overall awareness of SSI

The success of SSI depends on you!

Join the Sovrin Alliance and keep connected to the SSI community, get the latest training, access custom SSI business development resources, and attend Sovrin Alliance events with exclusive member discounts. Join today!

The Sovrin Alliance is proud to offer three tiers of Premier Sponsorships

Enterprises and organizations at the SSI Leader, Innovator, and Trailblazer levels
will receive the highest exposure as they support the work of the Sovrin Alliance.

Tier One: Self-Sovereign Identity Leader

As an SSI Leader, your organization provides vital support for creating and operating the Sovrin Alliance. Participating at this level offers unparalleled opportunities to access and benefit from all activities the Alliance offers. Our team will personally keep you connected to our growing community. As an SSI Leader, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to special events and access to Alliance resources. All of our benefits at this level are designed to enhance and amplify your role as a trailblazer in self-sovereign identity.

Tier Two: Self-Sovereign Identity Innovator

As an SSI Innovator, your organization helps deliver support to our SSI technical community and be the seed for launching a Sovrin Alliance Developer Exchange. The Alliance’s values are hard-wired in open source identity. That’s how we started and that’s how we’re building the future of SSI. Together we can build solutions to solve some of the toughest identity challenges.  All benefits at this level are designed to give you a leading role in SSI technical innovation.

Tier Three: Self-Sovereign Identity Trailblazer

Self-sovereign identity is an emerging technology that is quickly gaining momentum. Those who have the tools to implement solutions first will win the race to decentralized identity. Benefits at this level are designed for those organizations looking to stay ahead of the pack in utilizing the SSI open source technology and will help get your team closer to developing an SSI tool– quickly.

Tier Four: SSI Advocate

Join the Sovrin Alliance at the Advocate level and start using the essential tools and resources the Sovrin Alliance offers to quickly become part of this exciting technology! Benefits at this level are designed to meet the needs of individuals or small organizations who want to be leaders in the SSI movement.

Join as a Sovrin Alliance Advocate today using the link below!

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