Below is a list of stewards that have signed the Provisional Trust Framework and are operating the nodes of the Sovrin ledger that are achieving consensus. Many, many more reputable organizations from around the globe are being vetted in the process of becoming stewards.

If your organization is interested in operating a node in the network you can check out section 5.2 of the Provisional Trust Framework for requirements and contact us.

Best Innovation Group


A technology, innovation, and development leader for the financial industry.

Danube Tech


Working on technologies in the field of digital identity and personal data, including personal clouds, semantic graphs, and blockchain identity.

Desert Schools Credit Union


Using Sovrin as one of the oldest and best established credit unions in the Southwest.

Digital Bazaar


Creating open and secure payments, identity, and credential for the Web. Spearheaded what is now the W3C standard for JSON-LD.



Building a platform dedicated exclusively to products and services based on Sovrin decentralized identity.

First Education Credit Union


Using Sovrin to optimize the credit union industry. Installed its first Sovrin sandbox node in mid-2016.

Global Consent

South Africa

Growing the Web of Trust through a decentralized protocol for sharing personal digital assets between trusted identities.



Committed to innovation in digital identity and trust services as the EU’s second largest certificate authority.



Leading innovation in remote, privacy-respecting biometric identification, authentication, and data collection for health and wellness of at-risk populations.

KYC Chain

Hong Kong

Using distributed ledger technology to allow users to manage their digital identity securely, and businesses and financial institutions to manage customer data in a reliable and easy manner.

OAS Staff Federal Credit Union

Washington D.C.

Providing high quality, affordable financial service as a non-profit credit union.



Provides A.I. automated reasoning solutions including the Xaltry reputation as a service (RaaS) meta-platform of intelligent algorithms that contextually curate, connect, and complete interactions between entities on open idenitity systems such as Sovrin.

Qiy Foundation


Giving people control over their data and facilitating them to do smart things with it.

Royal Credit Union


CUNA award winning community credit in the over $250M asset category.